Saturday, September 3, 2011


So life has been fairly good lately. Back to work, lost 30 lbs., still working out and continuing to build a great relationship with my hubby again. That is until this past Monday. Monday night after I got home from work our oldest kitten, Pippa Lou was throwing up. At first it looked like a hairball issue so I was not too concerned just annoyed with cleaning up the puke (especially since hubby was awake and just looking at it). After cleaning up I got ready for WW and headed out with mom. I got home around 9pm and found about a dozen spots of what looked like red Kool-Aid on the bathroom floor. As I am wiping it up I notice that it is blood not Kool-Aid and I can only assume it is from Pippa Lou as she had been sick earlier. So I get her, her food, the littler box, the laptop and my book in my bedroom to settle in for the night and watch her. I also call hubby and the vet to tell them about the blood puke spots. Then as I set on the bed all comfy cozy Pippa jumps off the bed and precedes to throw up again and again it is blood. At this point I am beyond concerned so I pack her up and we go to emergency vet. Now to go to Emergency vet we have to pay $77 just to walk in the dang door. So we get there and she is not happy with me. They weigh her and check her out and they can't find a reason for the puking but they want to do an x-ray. I agree to the tune of another $159. After the x-ray is read the dr. states she still can't find an issue other than Pippa is full of poop and her kidneys look a little larger than they should. So we decide Pippa may just be constipated so they are going to give her an enema, Zofran to stop the puking, a medication to help coat her tummy in case she has an ulcer and some fluids. Now we are looking at a $314 bill. We pay and I take my still lethargic kitten home; she pukes in the car but seems okay otherwise. Finally home again 2 hours later and on our way to bed again hopefully to stay this time.

Next morning rolls around and the vet calls, still being concerned about Pippa I make an appointment for later in the day.  Kyle is on Pippa duty and agrees to take her to vet. So while at the vet he is texting me. Our vet does another x-ray and finds what looks like a foreign body in her intestine. We are assuming it is her blankey that she holds in her mouth to go to sleep, bye bye blankey. As there is a foreign object in her intestine they need to do surgery. When they go in to do surgery they find out that there is no foreign body (YEA) but that her intestines are inflamed and irritated (as the vet said ANGRY) so they want to do a biopsy and see if she has FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) which is fatal or if she got into something she shouldn't have which is VERY likely as she is very nosey. We have to wait until Tuesday to get results but we can have our precious kitten back the next day. So we pick her up on Wednesday and her belly is all shaved and stitched closed and her neck is shaved (assuming it is for an IV). She is very lethargic but happy to be home. By Thursday she is almost back to her normal self and we are feeling good.

Friday rolls around and I decide to get her a collar shield thing as she is starting to lick her incision. While at the vet's to pay for the collar I am escorted into a room to talk to the other vet in the office (not our primary). Results are in and she did not get into something she shouldn't have (YEA) but she does have FIP, which as I said before is fatal, but at this point not a death sentence. We are going to our primary vet on Wednesday to see what all of this means for our sweet kitten and what we do from here on out. I refuse to put a 6 month old kitten to sleep but I also don't want her to be miserable and in pain. For now we just keep loving all over her and praying that she can battle this disease for a while.

Not sure what I will do if things go downhill too quickly or we are told that she has to be put to sleep. We got Pippa the week we put Libby to rest; therefore I have a HUGE attachment to Pippa and need her to stay around for a while for my mental health. Without Pippa or my baby girl I think I may actually break into a million pieces and cease to function.